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Dream to Go Far

This children’s storybook presents that disability is a natural part of the human experience; that we all have strengths, talents, and something to contribute, and that it’s important to have high expectations and dream big dreams for and with your child. This book was developed by families for families experiencing disability.

Author: FACT Oregon
Illustrated By: Allie Sullberg
Year of Publishing: 2020
Number of Pages: 21

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  1. Lacey Kress (verified owner)

    We enjoyed reading this book together. Thanks

  2. Jennifer Lau (verified owner)

    Great book to read to children.

  3. Dianne Cain (verified owner)

    I was hoping it was a little more exciting but my grandson enjoyed it

  4. Dianne Cain (verified owner)

    I read this book to my grandson and he enjoyed it!

  5. Craig Jacobson (verified owner)

    Neurodiversity is to be celebrated! As this book does…

  6. mwalker15 (verified owner)

    This book is a quick, positive, “feel good” read. Would suggest as a read together book for kiddos who can sit through a quick story. The reading level and pictures may not support an independent read.

  7. Jess_Note (verified owner)

    I like that this book is in Spanish and English.

  8. 1130 (verified owner)

    This is a simple book but I like that it’s written in English and Spanish, shows characters of various abilities/races/religions, and has positive messages throughout. The pages are also a little tougher than some books so can be read to infants and toddlers carefully.

  9. Amber (verified owner)

    Nice before bed book, thoughtful.

  10. mevers (verified owner)

    I loved the English and Spanish combo. The story was basic, though. A more personal and specific storyline might have helped.

  11. daphnebelle10 (verified owner)

    Love that it’s in English and Spanish.

  12. Donna Scott (verified owner)

    Oh, wow! An inspiring, thoughtful, and personal book to help with adversity in such a positive way. So enjoyed the FACT organization info. and how to get help at the end and of the book, too. 10 thumbs way UP!!!

  13. Donna Scott (verified owner)

    This is not a duplicate review. Oh, wow! An inspiring, thoughtful, and personal book to help with adversity in such a positive way. So enjoyed the FACT organization info. and how to get help at the end and of the book, too. 10 thumbs way UP!!!

  14. RebeccaM (verified owner)

    Super cute and an easy read with cute and engaging pictures.

  15. wiley solfisburg (verified owner)

    my kiddo that i am an education mentor for loved the book very much.

  16. Faith (verified owner)

    Awesome book. Love that it is in English and Spanish within the same book and the inclusion and diversity it represented throughout. Very empowering!

  17. Kristan Beckwith (verified owner)

    I like that this book is bilingual! My Kindergarten groups of ELD students loved it!!

  18. Kelli Bennett (verified owner)

    This books is excellent for young children! I love how it’s both in Spanish and English and teaches kiddos to wonder and dream big.

  19. hwarner18 (verified owner)

    This book was a great read and I got the book in Spanish/English and it is informative to start learning some simple sentences.

  20. CT Wolfard (verified owner)

    Love that it was in Spanish.

  21. melissaarp94 (verified owner)

    Cute, short book, pictures are great! Happy to add this to my littles library.

  22. Kiri Watson (verified owner)

    This book is so beautiful. My son is developmental delayed and I want him to grow up feeling represented and loved for all he is. I’m so happy to add this to his collection

  23. SMohler (verified owner)

    I love that this book is in both English and Spanish! My niece and nephew enjoyed it greatly!

  24. Rnations (verified owner)

    Great book!

  25. stormiautumn (verified owner)

    Dream To Go Far is a very simple but inclusive story. I loved that it is in English and Spanish and especially. The characters vary in skin color, culture and ability. The story is one of positivity, recognizing that there are struggles and conflicts but leaves a feel of inspiration.

  26. Taylor Davis (verified owner)

    A great read.

  27. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Very cute book my daughter loves it

  28. Ashley Johnson (verified owner)

    I got this book in Spanish, and it was a terrific!

  29. msalazar (verified owner)

    My son loves this book.

  30. Kazuo Kyler-Yano (verified owner)

    a quick book did not hold my 6 year olds attention well.

  31. Nicole Owens (verified owner)

    This book was great and it provided English/spanish. Very neat and good message.

  32. Melissa Collett (verified owner)

    Brilliant short story that keeps the young audience engaged. Both children and parents can easily relate and understand the topic discussed in this book. Well done.

  33. west.meghan3 (verified owner)

    As a parent of a child with multiple disabilities I appreciate the representation and normalization of people (and children with disabilities). I love Sonia Sotomayor’s book “Just Ask” for it’s similar attributes.

  34. cdorrah (verified owner)

    This book is delightful!

  35. Kim Johnson (verified owner)

    This book is a great book about being different.

  36. Tamara Walchak (verified owner)

    Enjoyed sharing this book with the families I support.

  37. Stephanie Bunker (verified owner)

    This was a great book for showing young children that there are people with disabilities in the world and encouraging talking about what makes different people special.

  38. uniquebennett (verified owner)

    Such an amazing read and it captures my daughters attention on every single page. She reaches for this book multiple times a day!

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