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A Memoir

Tara Westover writes an unforgettable memoir about growing up with little formal education. After one of her older brothers taught her to read, Westover taught herself enough to get a scholarship to attend Brigham Young University. As a student, her eyes were opened to just how unconventional her upbringing was. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Westover went on to receive graduate degrees from Cambridge University. Her story is one of determination and perseverance. Her writing is beautiful with vivid imagery that places the reader firmly in her shoes. There is something for everyone to take away from the experience of reading this book.

Author: Tara Westover
Year of Publishing: 2018
Number of Pages: 368


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  1. MCampos (verified owner)

    Powerful, beautiful memorie. You will be amaze.

  2. pauljohnsonbend (verified owner)

    A must read for anyone seeking meaning in their journey. Highly recommend

  3. alyssakornbrath (verified owner)

    Very captivating story, well written.

  4. SMohler (verified owner)

    As an educator, this book resonates deeply. Everyone should read this.

  5. garciac113 (verified owner)

    Good book. Well written!

  6. Kyramo (verified owner)

    Well written, detailed, and a good read.

  7. Sarah Kellems (verified owner)

    I could not put this book down. It was deeply engaging, and made me think about so many things.

  8. Crystal Robles (verified owner)

    This was an amazing read! Everyone should take the opportunity to read this book. The life story and the growth you get to read about with each chapter is as if you were growing with the author. Feeling all the emotions and pains imagining the uncertainty of what’s to come next was impossible to put down.

  9. BStiller (verified owner)

    An amazing example of inner determination. Tara shares her life, the good, the bad and the ugly with grace and eloquence. She shares her determination to be her best self encouraging the reader to be better too.

  10. vireogirl (verified owner)

    Such a tough book. So many terrible experiences. Twisted truth. Yet laced with the hope of change.

  11. Life-Long-Learner (verified owner)

    Every educator should read this book!

  12. kathyanng (verified owner)

    Tara’s story is captivated and perfectly written!

  13. nnppnn (verified owner)

    Such a great book! I highly recommend it to all.

  14. millspjo (verified owner)

    The details and recounted stories did not seem real for modern times. Initially I checked the authors age and was surprised she grew up in same era and not so far away. Well written, edited, etc.

  15. Jess_Note (verified owner)

    Powerful book!

  16. cast3219 (verified owner)

    Intriguing story and well written!

  17. dawnmgeoppinger (verified owner)

    Westover’s memoir is powerful, detailing her strict and isolated upbringing to an eye-opening experience in academia. Her narrative unfolds to illustrate Westover’s resilience and the transformative power of education. Her writing is gripping and reflective. Overall, the memoir is compelling and thought-provoking. Highly recommend.

  18. kjohn1385 (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal book. The way she told her story was so real, raw, and heartfelt. One of my favorite books this year.

  19. eweber23 (verified owner)


  20. Erin Weber (verified owner)

    Such a great book! Very moving and powerful!

  21. nnunezv (verified owner)

    I couldn’t put it down! While I understand the controversy surrounding the book, this is Tara’s story.

  22. MCalvert123 (verified owner)

    A very moving, powerful story. The author tells her story with care and intention. A great lesson in self-determination. Great read!

  23. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This book was written in a relatable format. Smooth writing makes for easy reading. An authentic story shared in a strong voice.

  24. R. King (verified owner)

    Well written, attention holding memoir. Thank you for offering.

  25. Rachael Parker (verified owner)

    A must read, powerful, captivating, and wonderfully written book.

  26. pargarita (verified owner)

    This is still one of those books that, in our current day of questioning the value of college, goes to show the value and transformative power of education. A fine read.

  27. Kristy Hiers (verified owner)

    Captivating, difficult to read story. It is very well written.

  28. anniestu (verified owner)

    Difficult but powerful!

  29. kallstromc (verified owner)

    A wonderful story of grit. A must read for every educator.

  30. criggins (verified owner)

    An inspiring story of resilience. Disturbing how the family simply buckles to the father’s demands even as he falls deeper into mental illness. I wished the mother had fought harder for the herself and the children. Overall, a story that illustrates the power of formal and informal education.

  31. sebastian (verified owner)

    Tara Westover’s memoir Educated–with Andre Agassi’ memoir Open as a close second–is the best book in the genre I’ve ever read. It’s an inspiring and well-written book that works as a roadmap for anyone facing similar challenges that require courage and determination to achieve self-realization. An excellent read.

  32. brookedjackson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this book – read parts of it twice. Profound, emotional, and richly complex.

  33. Joyce MARTINEZ (verified owner)

    Such a compelling and sometimes chilling account of a young woman coming to the realization of the indoctrination in which she grew up and struggling to break the unhealthy family ties in order to keep from breaking herself. Fascinating and hopeful story. What a truly amazing woman.

  34. Kylie Anderson (verified owner)

    Amazing memoir! Inspiring and incredible story of triumph

  35. Liz (verified owner)

    Westover’s candor is riveting, drawing the reader into a world so fraught and precarious. It demonstrates hard truths that can be overcome against seemingly great odds.

  36. FFFbooks123 (verified owner)

    The physical and emotional abuse made me want to put it down and forget about it. The manipulation, the abuse she went through left me speechless. While not unique, family issues are still so taboo. Brainwashing your own self into thinking it’s your fault, that it wasn’t that bad or that you imagined it will hit way too close for comfort for a lot of people.

    The author’s writing was beautiful and her courage to get an education and stand up to her family was inspiring.

  37. Karen Wirth (verified owner)

    A story of perseverance.

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