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Everything You Wanted to Know about Indians but Were Afraid to Ask

Young Readers Edition

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Anton Treuer is an acclaimed Ojibwe author and professor. He provides thoughtful, engaging and well-researched answers to questions that Native and non-Native young people alike might have about American Indian culture and practices. Questions are grouped by subjects like “terminology” or “powwow.” Some are very specific (“Why is there such a fuss about non-Native people wearing Indian costumes for Halloween?”). Others are more wide-reaching (“What’s it like for Natives who aren’t part of a federally recognized tribe?”). All provide new opportunities for more understanding between Native and non-Native peoples. The original version of this book was published for adults in 2012, but many adults will find the youth version a compelling read.

Author: Anton Treuer
Year of Publishing: 2021
Number of Pages: 400


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  1. Savanna Rilatos (verified owner)

    Such a great read! A great entry point for those who have questions but are scared of saying the wrong thing

  2. ashleyjohnsonbend (verified owner)

    The articulation of where to start is needed in so many important conversations we need to be having! Thank you for offering this book!

  3. Heather Brazille (verified owner)

    Great read and very informative. My young children and I love to have the discussions after reading the questions. We are tribal members and it’s great to have explanations in ways they understand!

  4. Jenny Nunn (verified owner)

    Thankful for this book and really liked the way that it brings tough conversations to the surface to help you understand more and to relate to others!

  5. AmyB (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, this book never arrived. But it looks like a fantastic read, so will definitely be looking for it elsewhere.

  6. sweety95838 (verified owner)

    awesome book with great insight

  7. milagro aguirre (verified owner)

    Such a great read! A great entry point for those who have questions but are scared of saying the wrong thing

  8. hswren (verified owner)

    I was really pleased to see such an in-depth book presented for young readers. This is a must have for all middle school students and older!

  9. Bonnie Anderson (verified owner)

    Very simple and straight forward and the illustrations are so interesting.

  10. brookedjackson (verified owner)

    We are deeply enjoying this book at my house.

  11. delana88 (verified owner)

    Great book to provide introduction to indeginous culture for young adults (and adults). Accessible and easy to understand while being very through.

  12. Blibertad (verified owner)

    Beautiful, hefty hardcover book. Segmented in sections on multiple categories, making it easy to look up certain topics of interest.

  13. Doranne (verified owner)

    Excellent! This book exceeded my expectations. Anton Treuer reminds me of Yuval Noah Harari; they are knowledgeable and passionate. They expertly express the facts clearly and share own opinions/life experiences as well.

  14. alyssakornbrath (verified owner)

    Full of great information and accessible for young readers

  15. nunnj (verified owner)

    Beautiful book and so well written. Definitely stirred up a lot of conversations!

  16. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Very good book. Love that this education is out there!

  17. Choua Vue (verified owner)

    Regardless of what I already know, I continue to learn. Eye-opening read!

  18. Allison Emery (verified owner)

    This book is an engaging introduction to Indigenous history and culture meant for young readers. Treuer breaks down complicated questions thoughtfully and inclusively. It’s comprehensive and direct, but still thoughtful and personal. A great book for anyone who is interested in learning more about Native Americans but isn’t sure where to start. Treuer even breaks the book down based on frequently asked questions, making it easy to skip around if you wish.

  19. CJ (verified owner)

    There is so much folks need to know! They can learn a lot in an engaging, informative way from this book.

  20. Tunelli Stephanie (verified owner)

    An engaging read! Well formatted and informative.

  21. RUSSELL Elliott (verified owner)

    Book Was very informative.

  22. jswensen (verified owner)

    This book was wonderful, very informative.

  23. jrcervantes (verified owner)

    An informative read.

  24. Craigmo (verified owner)

    Great read! Definitely recommended.

  25. Linda Hayden (verified owner)

    I enjoyed reading about Native Americans and how range of cultures within tribes were. There was so much that I did not know and was sad about. Thank you for enlightening me

  26. Tamara Walchak (verified owner)

    Great informative read! I learned so much from reading this book.

  27. kalika (verified owner)

    I didn’t actually get to read this book because it was out of stock.

  28. white24 (verified owner)

    Such a great and easy read! Helps with the tough conversations

  29. Jordan Bruyn (verified owner)

    Beautiful, transparent and entertaining! Good and easy reading!

  30. Kpeters21 (verified owner)

    The exact book you didn’t know you needed, but are thrilled to have.

  31. debbiews (verified owner)

    This should be essential reading for young people. It is straightforward, easy to follow, and asks great questions.

  32. FFFbooks123 (verified owner)

    Perhaps what stands out to me greatest from the book (aside from white guilt), is the need for school curriculum to be inclusive.

  33. Sarah Smith (verified owner)

    The author does an incredible job at encouraging questions, and discussions. He really makes you think about what needs to be done for healing, and as someone who would not have previously considered myself as uneducated about Native Americans, I was shocked by everything I did not know and learned! Really an enjoyable book that encouraged me to have more conversations.

  34. C (verified owner)

    So much information and narratives in this book. Great for middle school age children.

  35. italianrn (verified owner)

    This isn’t a book I would read cover to cover but I’ve flipped through and pick a question to read about and it’s such good information. I pick it up a few times a day and continue to gain new knowledge. I feel some of the answers don’t actually answer the question. Like the answer is “Well yes and no”
    Worth ordering!

  36. Erin Hall (verified owner)

    An accessible read about a very important topic.

  37. Judith Jeremiah (verified owner)

    Both my husband and I come from “Native” backgrounds. He, with the Cherokee Nation and myself, Hawaiian (Ohana). This book not only answered questions we may have had but brought the culture into the 21st century for our children. We are raising great-grandchildren who want to know about their heritage. They ask questions like: Why do we not say “Indian” anymore, is it so we do not confuse us with the people from India”. We are only about 2/3 of the way through the book. We do not want to read faster but give them an opportunity to ask their questions. It makes from some interesting dinner table conversations!

  38. Dawn Mountz (verified owner)

    Excellent book! It offered an easy way to explore and learn about Native American culture. It answered questions and opened my eyes to things I hadn’t considered before.

  39. jasilynswick (verified owner)


  40. Brooke Nuckles (verified owner)

    Well written and informative

  41. Jenni Newton (verified owner)

    This book was amazing. Not only did I learn TONS of things I’d never been taught, it all usable in with youth and adults. This is a resource I will use with students and colleagues to advancing understanding of our Indigenous communities and better ways to interact. Thank you.

  42. Anika Miller (verified owner)

    Very relevant read as conversations at my work in the nonprofit sector start to focus on how we can engage more with our Native neighbors.

  43. Melissa Eddy (verified owner)

    A great informative book to read.

  44. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Very useful to help understand a culture other than my own.

  45. Kpeters21 (verified owner)

    As always, SelectBooks doesn’t disappoint. Only a few pages in, but can’t wait to keep reading.

  46. Jessica Evans (verified owner)

    Wonderful books with lots of knowledge. I like the insight. It’s challenging to ask questions but reading about it is easy.

  47. LRoundy (verified owner)

    This book is a perfect resource. The writing is very relatable and easy to read, but the information is powerful. Great to read from cover to cover, but also so well organized that you could easily focus on certain topics.

  48. tjones (verified owner)

    The cover of this book is beautiful. The book was very informative and engaging.

  49. Toby Abraham-Rhine (verified owner)

    This book was fantastic. With so much to digest I wanted to get through it and start again at the beginning. The author’s honesty and compassion are present throughout as he dispels so much misinformation, but at the same time gently guides us toward what to do and say to right centuries of wrong doing. The sovereign nations of this country remain the most oppressed and least respected people of this land that is theirs. When will an official apology from our government be forthcoming so that the slightest healing may begin? This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to hear the truth, gain perspective and be moved to action to save our native people.

  50. Toby Abraham-Rhine (verified owner)

    Excellent, must-read for everyone. The truth is told with clarity and grace while giving the reader tools for saying and doing the right thing.

  51. Mary Edwards (verified owner)

    Very informative regarding the role of Christopher Columbus and European settlers in America.

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