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Indian Givers

How Native Americans Transformed the World

Author Jack Weatherford, an anthropologist, traces the crucial contributions made by Native Americans to our federal system of government, our democratic institutions, modern medicine, agriculture, architecture, ecology and more. This ground-breaking book makes a deep sweep of history seem vital and immediate. It is both entertaining and thoughtful.

Author: Jack Weatherford
Year of Publishing: 2010
Number of Pages: 351

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  1. khalmeka (verified owner)

    I haven’t read this book yet, but I am grateful to have received it through this program!

  2. Liz2675 (verified owner)

    Well written book…very interesting!

  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful book! Im excited to share it with our indian ed coordinator at our school! Thank you!

  4. Jordan Bruyn (verified owner)

    Informative while being easy and interesting to read! Highly recommend!

  5. biodrbuo (verified owner)

    I really wanted to read this but I haven’t received it yet. After 5 months of waiting I’m going to guess it isn’t coming.

  6. nunnj (verified owner)

    Such a good, read! I really enjoyed it!

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