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Mabel and the Fire

A story of a boy and his puppy who lose their home in a wildfire. This book helps children identify and name their feelings through Mabel the puppy’s emotions — fear, confusion, sadness, boredom. And, finally, they arrive at a place where they feel safe and loved. By supporting children through difficult experiences, we can help them become resilient and grow stronger. Written by local Douglas County author Alison Hinson.

Author: Alison Hinson
Illustrated By: Erin Taylor
Year of Publishing: 2020
Number of Pages: 26

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  1. Lindsay (verified owner)

    A nicely done book.

  2. pauljohnsonbend (verified owner)

    An enjoyable fable with an important message of resilience.

  3. Blane Williams (verified owner)

    This was a good book. I probably would’ve just added a little more clarification about when they left their house. It wasn’t clear the house burned until they disclosed they were staying at the shelter. Very good book otherwise. Very clear and easy to follow for children and very relatable.

  4. Dianne Cain (verified owner)

    It was very sad for four-year-old but it did have a happy ending at the end.

  5. swaller (verified owner)

    Two thumbs up! My daughter loved this book!

  6. Reanna Klinke (verified owner)

    My daughter and I read this book and she loves it.

  7. 1130 (verified owner)

    Although this book is sad, it hits real hard when I’m sitting at home reading it to my daughter while we can see wildfire smoke outside our living room window. I think this book helps kids somewhat understand natural disasters and how to cope.

  8. Jenny Nunn (verified owner)

    Such a good book. Love the illustrations and the way the puppy feels all the feelings a child may feel going through the trauma of a house fire!

  9. Jess_Note (verified owner)

    A great book to support young children through traumatic experiences with smoke and fire.

  10. chelseawolff (verified owner)

    We have been talking a lot about wildfires with our 2 year old as there have been quite a few near us and it has been impacting our day to day activities and not being able to play outside or go on walks. So this has been a great resource to accompany our discussions about it. I did have to modify it a bit as I was reading to make it more digestible and age appropriate for my toddler but overall it was a great book to show the devastating impact that wildfires can have.

  11. Lacey Kress (verified owner)

    Was a very enjoyable book. Thank you

  12. MrsCastle (verified owner)

    Alison Hinson does a nice job of taking a scary, stressful, and traumatic experience and showing that things will be okay in the end. Unfortunately, fires are becoming more and more common in Oregon, so it is nice that there is a resource for young children.

  13. JaimeHock (verified owner)

    I enjoyed Mabel and the Fire. It has been a timely and helpful addition to my book library that I utilize when working with children and adolescents. This book really helped disentangle, identify, and validate some emotional responses to wildfires that have been more devastating and more prominent in our and neighboring communities. This book has helped make working through the potential trauma of experiencing a wildfire more concrete and tangible to work through and address.

  14. Towne1991 (verified owner)

    This book was great! I really appreciate it the warnings in further clarification at the beginning of the book. I work with many youth who have been affected by fires, and I really appreciate this resource to support them and navigating feelings and transitions

  15. Towne1991 (verified owner)

    This book was wonderful! I really appreciate it the warnings in further clarification at the beginning of the book.

  16. taylormdavis (verified owner)

    Such a sweet book with a great lesson.

  17. Savannah Valenzuela (verified owner)

    My daughter loved this book

  18. realestate (verified owner)

    good book

  19. Kristy Koopman (verified owner)

    This book is a kid-friendly way to discuss displacement and loss. The family and dog in the book lose their house due to fire, something that has happened to local families as wildfires have increased in Oregon. This book will be useful to work through the emotions that accompany these kinds of tragic life events. Emotions are specifically named and there is a parent guide in the beginning to help parents know how to approach the discussions that will follow. Great book!

  20. uniquebennett (verified owner)

    This book tells a reality that most of the community in Oregon dealt with in the last few years and shows ways to feel beyond a tragedy

  21. Susan Chamberlain (verified owner)

    Mabel and the Fire is a very cute, wonderfully illustrated book that teaches about fire disaster and how it affects the family with a very positive ending. My granddaughter loved the colors, the dog and their happy ending!

  22. Jill Burch (verified owner)

    Great Book, my grandson loves it

  23. Nicole Owens (verified owner)

    Such a great read with young one.

  24. tlslibrary (verified owner)

    Touches on big emotions through the eyes of a family dog. It can open the discussion about wildfire safety and emergency evacuation preparedness.

  25. Ronda Masson (verified owner)

    Very sad but has a good ending.

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