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One Town’s Struggle to Survive an American Wildfire

Through stories of Cal Fire personnel and Paradise city administrators, Paradise reveals the humanity behind wildfire disasters that have affected our region. Readers will get a window into the social structures that help and hinder community resiliency. The book powerfully conveys sense of place and connection to nature and community that is part of Northern California identity. While the book generates feelings of empathy and the desire to protect these special places, it is a painful and difficult read.

Author: Lizzie Johnson
Year of Publishing: 2021
Number of Pages: 432

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  1. Sandy Moyer (verified owner)

    Well written book is about the devastating fire in the N CA town of Paradise.

  2. kerricoldren (verified owner)

    I ordered this book for several reasons but the main reason is because my family is the one behind the name for Coldren Road in Paradise, CA. My father’s parent’s ashes are spread there, and his ashes were supposed to be scattered there as well…and then it all burned down. The stories in this book are both heartbreaking but, in the end, I have to hold hope that we will make better choices concerning climate policies and find real solutions before more towns and lives are left as ashes.

  3. Bswade46 (verified owner)

    This book was a gripping account of the Paradise Fire. It also explained in detail the difficulties facing CA, firefighters and first responders along with how decisions made by local governments can have real impacts in a crisis. The author further does an excellent job explaining PG&E’s role of negligence and complicity in this disaster, as well as many others. I found the book to be a tragic read, but one that was incredibly educational.

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