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Parent Nation

Unlocking Every Child’s Potential, Fulfilling Society’s Promise

Read by leaders at both the South Coast Regional Early Learning Hub and Eastern Oregon Early Learning Hub, this book weaves advances in brain science with real-life stories of families across the country. The author gives examples of how we as advocates for children can rethink how we support them and their families in their critical developing years. Read this for accessible, neuroscience research-based ways we can build a movement to meet children’s developmental needs.

Author: Dana Suskind, MD
Year of Publishing: 2022
Number of Pages: 320

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  1. pargarita (verified owner)

    The author discussed one of my main gripes about American society– how little resources and support we provide families by way of paid parental leave and access to high-quality childcare. A really important read, although may seem a bit dated with references to COVID— I had to extrapolate from those references the parallel consequences of increased screen time, etc. Overall great read.

  2. Sarah Bright (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this book very much.

  3. Craigmo (verified owner)

    Wonderful book a great guide to what is needed and the importance of early intervention.

  4. mingomom (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did. This was a two-day read as I couldn’t put it down and connected with it in several different ways. Many references to the struggles parents face these days. Definitely recommend.

  5. Danielle VL (verified owner)

    A relevant read for current parents with concerns about the modern age of parenthood.

  6. Jenny Nunn (verified owner)

    Especially loved this book as a single mom of 3. I can so relate to all the struggles discussed in this book!

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