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The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog

And Other Stories from a Child Psychologist’s Notebook – What Traumatized Children Can Teach Us About Loss, Love, and Healing 

Child psychiatrist Bruce Perry details how early-life stress and violence affects the developing brain. His discoveries contradict the precept that children are emotionally resilient and will outgrow insults to their psyches. On the contrary, he says, abuse can chemically alter early brain development, resulting later in the inability to make appropriate behavioral decisions. Perry makes a powerful case for early intervention for disruptive children to prevent adult sociopathy.

Author: Bruce Perry and Maia Szalavitz
Year of Publishing: 2017
Number of Pages: 450

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  1. hgall1012 (verified owner)

    An excellent work of the depiction of childhood trauma and the effects on the brain. It showcases the resilience and darkness of humanity.

  2. Bswade46 (verified owner)

    This book was incredibly thought provoking and helpful in many ways for me on a personal level. I did struggle following in a few sections but overall found the book to be well written. I so appreciated Dr. Perry’s approach to working with children of trauma.

  3. Nickm (verified owner)

    Awesome book to help contextualize and better understand childhood trauma. Everyone should read this- particularly parents and teachers. Could be a powerful read for those who are learning about their own childhood trauma.

  4. Tamara Walchak (verified owner)

    After I read this book, I have a better understanding of childhood trauma and how it impacts our adult lives.

  5. Jill Burch (verified owner)

    Great book to better understand trauma that you have experienced as a child.

  6. Emily Kostuch (verified owner)

    Compelling research and insights on how trauma affects brain development. This book contains useful useful information for anyone who works people who have experienced trauma.

  7. mfulkie (verified owner)

    This book is so important to better understand working with children.

  8. Candice (verified owner)

    At first this book caught me off guard. I thought information that doctors receive is supposed to be confidential? This book is very descriptive. I understand childhood trauma and the life long effects it has on not just one person, but everyone. Trauma is something you can’t run from, you just have to deal with it. This is a good read for parents are for people who are struggling with their own mental health and want an understanding of why they possibly have such issues.

  9. soniairene (verified owner)

    Wonderful weaving of storytelling and accessible ways to support others in their trauma or the reader’s own experiences. A digestible read for those who have training or studies in the field or not.

  10. laurareillynelson (verified owner)

    Wonderful book for anyone who works with children. Parents, teachers, especially mental health professionals should all read this.

  11. arnoldlk (verified owner)

    Wow, the stories in this book! This is a difficult read, but an important one.

  12. milagro aguirre (verified owner)

    An excellent work of the depiction of childhood trauma and the effects on the brain. It showcases the resilience and darkness of humanity.

  13. madelinefulkerson (verified owner)

    This book is important to read and understand to be able to better work with children.

  14. sueone (verified owner)

    Everyone should read this book.

  15. Jenny Nunn (verified owner)

    This book is one that is hard to put down! It pulls you in and makes you feel so many emotions as it pulls ypu into a world filled with childhood trauma.

  16. Staci Enserink (verified owner)

    This book has been beneficial in my work with children who have experienced trauma.

  17. Diana Tonnesen (verified owner)

    This book takes you on a journey through an array of emotions from joy to sadness; fear and anger. It helps understand the human spirit and it’s strength to endure and overcome. Absolutely worth the read.

  18. Kelsey Taylor (verified owner)

    Very heavy stuff, a very good read.

  19. mingomom (verified owner)

    Such a powerful read. Definitely recommend this book. Thought provoking and eye opening to the effects of traumas.

  20. breanna stoutenburgh (verified owner)

    Chapter 5 details the Longterm effects of infant care, or neglect and how the cycle begins for some families.

  21. alicia deaderick (verified owner)

    Such a sad eye opening book! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see the impacts of childhood and trauma.

  22. SMohler (verified owner)

    I identified with this book in many ways, and as someone who works with children on a regular basis, I think that it was essential to my learning and growth in this area.

  23. Melinda Im (verified owner)

    This book was very informative on childhood trauma which educates us parents, doctors and anyone who works with children. It’s amazing how trauma affects our brain development and how much we can learn from this book, therapists, doctors, ect

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