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Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire

This middle-grade fantasy fiction novel is grounded in rural reality. After Arlo Finch’s family experienced some challenging times, his mom decides they should return to her hometown of Pineville to move in with his uncle. Arlo wants to become a Ranger like his uncle and thinks this will help him learn important wilderness skills. He soon learns that becoming a Ranger will mean so much more for him. Arlo is no ordinary Ranger. His vow of loyalty, bravery, kindness and truth will be put to the test, discovering his unique gifts in the process. 

Author: John August
Year of Publishing: 2018
Number of Pages: 352

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  1. sweety95838 (verified owner)

    I think that for a generation growing-up with smartphones and VR, tying knots and building campfires may seem as magical as ghost dogs and lightning snaps.It is filled with plenty of mystery for further questions this is a book that should hold most young readers’ attention.

  2. ashleyjohnsonbend (verified owner)

    I have already loaned this to 3 young teens to give perspective and ignite creativity. Enjoyed!

  3. Kyramo (verified owner)

    This is a great book, even though it is written for youths, it is a fun read for adults. It definitely is a great adventure book for youths.

  4. vireogirl (verified owner)

    Not used to the genre with magic and mystical creatures. Liked the combo with the outdoor survival.

    Writing firmly YA level. Not much development. Some over simplifying.

    Enjoyed it but not enough to seek out the rest of the series. Recommended it to a young person—does a good job of showing that you can be different and still accepted for who you are.

  5. Katelyn Sherman (verified owner)

    This book is a really fun adventure book that will definitely be a positive addition to your library. It is engaging and will keep you interested and wanting to read more. I will be sure to add this novel to my classroom library.

  6. millspjo (verified owner)

    interesting story with a few lines to follow for the age group. To pass this along and see if series to hold attention.

  7. JoAnna Lamb (verified owner)

    I love this book! It’s along the same lines of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. A bit of mysticism in an otherwise normal reality. Upper elementary and middle school kids will love it.

  8. AG (verified owner)

    I gave this book to a friend to read and she said it was a good read

  9. Sandy Moyer (verified owner)

    I love that this is written by a local author and my grandson loves the the adventure syory and the outdoor activities.

  10. jmczech14 (verified owner)

    I ordered this book for my sons, who are discovering the outdoors.

  11. Hilary Mankofsky (verified owner)

    Fun adventure book for youth. Both of my kids enjoyed reading it and it inspired some fun outdoor imaginative play! Recommend for youth.

  12. Myles Irwin (verified owner)

    My children and I really enjoyed this book as we read it aloud every night until it was finished. It was so exciting and adventurous.

  13. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I read Arlo Finch with my 11-year-old and we both enjoyed it. He is into fantasy and mystery and we both stayed perplexed and engaged. We immediately checked book 2 out from the library. He’s a fan!

  14. Acleith (verified owner)

    A cute coming of age story with magic. What more can you ask for. I look forward to finishing the series…. I’m hooked.

  15. Christina Barnes (verified owner)

    This is a great adventure book for anyone, read it alone or with your entire family. This is an amazing book.

  16. yesimajensen (verified owner)

    This book was fairly entertaining and imaginative.

  17. AmyB (verified owner)

    A sweet coming of age story full of adventure and magic.

  18. remarcr (verified owner)

    11 yr old grandson really enjoyed this book. Looking forward to the rest of the series

  19. stokesfolks (verified owner)

    Even though it was meant for young readers, it held my attention. This is a good book for kids who like fantasy, adventure and magic.

  20. stokesfolks (verified owner)

    I will give this book to my grandchildren. They will really enjoy it.

  21. Katelyn Barry (verified owner)

    Great book for todays youth and those young at heart. Very creative and imaginative!

  22. Hannah & Alexa Perez (verified owner)

    Kids enjoy some adventure and outside fun. Enjoyed reading as a family.

  23. italianrn (verified owner)

    What a sweet story. I mean it’s similar to a lot of young adult boy makes something of himself books. But this book was written well and was more captive to myself as an adult than others.
    It was a quick read for me!

  24. Lori Waller (verified owner)

    Adventure and magic. Young adults will enjoy. Very much a haertwaring read

  25. Tinamarie Standley (verified owner)

    Ordered for my teenage son who really enjoyed it. He said it was exciting and he highly recommended it.

  26. Kpeters21 (verified owner)

    This book is great for some of my lower level readers. I’ve seen a number of my students grab it off the shelf to read during silent reading. Definitely a must add to your classroom library.

  27. Chelsea Geer (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to share this story with my students! They’re going to love that it takes place in a region they’re familiar with.

  28. nnunezv (verified owner)

    MY 10 year old niece really enjoyed this read! She struggles with dyslexia and has this new profound love for reading. “10/10” she said!

  29. robinsre (verified owner)

    This is a great book for teens, my daughter really enjoyed it and I even liked reading it

  30. KathrynJane Konink (verified owner)

    I loved this book, and went to find the rest of the series after finishing it! Great for ages 8 through 12, I gave it to a young friend and the loved it as well.

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