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Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

This rhyming romp of a book carries an empowering message for kids: You can make a difference even if you’re young. With diverse characters, engaging illustrations and a sense of humor, this tale of community improvement helps children understand that they have a voice in what happens in their neighborhoods. For ages 5 to 7 years.

Author: Andrea Beaty
Illustrated By: David Roberts
Year of Publishing: 2019
Number of Pages: 40

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  1. 1130 (verified owner)

    This book is so great for kids to learn how they can help their communities by dreaming big, not giving up, and following through! My daughter is only a baby now but I will continue to read this book to her so she knows how important it is to be involved and for your voice to be heard. Plus, the illustrations are gorgeous!

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This is a great book. High quality hard back with engaging pictures. The story empowers children so that they know their actions can change the world. Themes of leadership and collaboration come though. Obstacles are overcome and beaurocracy navigated. Some positive and inspiring messages. Best of all a great story!

  3. palomich91 (verified owner)

    A sweet story about how we can all make change happen! The perfect read for your little activist!

  4. Craig Jacobson (verified owner)

    What an energizing book to inspire and encourage young leaders! It comes with an activity sheet, and is offered in Spanish too!

  5. eschloss (verified owner)

    This book demonstrates perseverance and standing up for what you believe in. I love that there is an opportunity for children to make this book relevant to their lives by thinking about what things they can do to make their community get better and better.

  6. LRoundy (verified owner)

    This book was AMAZING. A sweet, inspiring story with great illustrations. The lesson from this book is perfect for children and adults.

  7. alyssakornbrath (verified owner)

    I love this book! A great inspiring tale for kids and adults!

  8. Mia Mueller (verified owner)

    This book has wonderful drawings and the orientation of the text helps add meaning to the story. I also really liked the picket sign and poster drawing pages that came with as lesson plan activity ideas! Very good read for students and adults!

  9. Mia Mueller (verified owner)

    This book has wonderful drawings and the orientation of the text helps add meaning to the story. I also really liked how the book incorporates rhyming to help it flow.

  10. ashleyjohnsonbend (verified owner)

    Such a great discussion came from this book. Really important work here with kids.

  11. ashleyjohnsonbend (verified owner)

    Amazing book, great discussion.

  12. sueone (verified owner)

    Great book, an inspiring tale for kids and adults!

  13. Katelyn Sherman (verified owner)

    This is a super cute book! It has great illustrations and an inspiring story for children. This book would be a great addition to your household or classroom.

  14. SMohler (verified owner)

    This is a wonderfully inspiring book! I am very excited to add it to my classroom library!

  15. [email protected] (verified owner)

    My daughter is a dreamer and a little activist. This was a fun book to read with her.

  16. sbangert (verified owner)

    My class loved this book and Ada Twist Scientist by the same author. We used this book to support a goal setting lesson.

  17. Donna Scott (verified owner)

    So loved how the steps she took to effect change any child can re-create! Empowering to say the least!

  18. Donna Scott (verified owner)

    Speaking as a former teacher, I can easily visualize this as an ingenious class project. Taking careful note if each student’s goal, steps taken to reach the goal. Contact the media afterwards for well-deserved attention!!

  19. Donna Scott (verified owner)

    Speaking as a former teacher, I can easily visualize this as an ingenious class project. Taking careful note if each student’s goal, steps taken to reach the goal. Contact the media afterwards for well-deserved attention!! This is not a duplicate a vision as this statement seems to think it is.

  20. Donna Scott (verified owner)

    This book adds value to any library for it’s easy to follow steps for anyone to follow. What all will be accomplished as a result?

  21. DeAnna Pickett (verified owner)

    My 7 year old daughter loves these series, its very empowering!

  22. Amy Bertolotti (verified owner)

    My granddaughter loved it!!

  23. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Very fun little book for the kids, they asked to read it multiple times!

  24. Jenny Avila (verified owner)

    Great book! My children loved it!

  25. millspjo (verified owner)

    A book that notes sometimes to create change we need to get involved.

  26. Jenny Nunn (verified owner)

    Beautiful images in a book that empowers little people that they can do BIG things to help others I’m their community!

  27. mfulkie (verified owner)

    Very inspirational book for children!

  28. chelseawolff (verified owner)

    I was accidentally sent the Spanish version of this book and so I was unable to read it. I did end up purchasing the book again in English and I love the story line. All for the strong female character wanting and working to make a change in her community!

  29. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Love the illustrations in this book and the empowerment it gives my students to know that they can make a difference in this world.

  30. lstruzik (verified owner)

    This is a great addition to the series! Many of the other books are about how the students in the class plan to take on their professions based on their interest, but this takes it by emphasizing getting involved, which is a beautiful message!

  31. Amanda Littke-Kellam (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful story about how to be a brave leader and the power of community. Our three year old loves Ada Twist, and was so excited to see her make an appearance in this book, along with all of Andrea Beatty’s other characters! Such a beautifully illustrated book that you and your little will absolutely treasure.

  32. tlslibrary (verified owner)

    Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully designed book. Shows kids (and adults!) what it takes to be a strong leader. It highlights the importance of help and community. Sofia gathers her courage and maintains her willingness to make a change despite the challenges she faces–just what kids need to see and hear more of.

  33. Brittani Geniza (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this book! There is a great message for children about how you can make a difference in your community. Change seems like such a difficult feat, but Sofia makes it so much easier to imagine 🙂

  34. Kim Johnson (verified owner)

    This is a great book about what we can do no matter how big or small or old or young we are. I love that it teaches kids that they can make a difference. Everyone has great ideas.

  35. Christina Wagner (verified owner)

    This book is important for creating a diverse library in my classroom. Rosie Revere Engineer was so popular and now my students are thrilled to have Sofia Valdez Future Prez to continue the fun.

  36. LittleReader (verified owner)

    Neat book with great illustrations. It’s not quite as good as the original (Ada Twist, Scientist), but it’s a good way to show kids that they can get behind a cause and try to create change.

  37. Anne Bernard (verified owner)

    Such a wonderful addition to the series. I love reading this to my son! The community focus makes this one particularly touching.

  38. thomas28 (verified owner)

    Sweet book about learning to stand up for other and what is right. As well as kids can make change

  39. pauljohnsonbend (verified owner)

    Amazing, just a wonderful resource to be able to share

  40. Justin Chin (verified owner)

    I am so honored to share a few moments wiht my neice reading Sofia Valdez. For us it is a way to show her that the world is her’s and to stay connected with her Grandparents and Parents’ langauge.

  41. Myles Irwin (verified owner)

    This was such a cute and well written kids book. All my children loved the story line and have asked me to read it to them already.

  42. Kpeters21 (verified owner)

    A positive, fun, uplifting book that helps youths have a positive mindset about their futures.

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