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Of Forests and Fields

Mexican Labor in the Pacific Northwest

Ethnic Mexican migration to Oregon has shaped and supported the state’s largest economic industries. Tracing the history of Oregon’s labor and immigrant rights movements in agriculture and timber, the author recounts the experiences of generations of residents in the Willamette Valley and Southern and Eastern Oregon. Readers learn how local community building shapes opportunity.

Author: Mario Jimenez Sifuentez
Year of Publishing: 2016
Number of Pages: 186

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  1. accessdenied (verified owner)

    This book offers a good understanding of what laborers do

  2. mmhumiston (verified owner)

    I love learning about this history and how it helped shape the world I live in. it is true how hard they work and what they go through to where they are. Good book.

  3. hswren (verified owner)

    Important book bringing to light Oregon’s dark history.

  4. kmills (verified owner)

    This book was very useful in my work in rural Oregon. Many of our community members are migrant workers so its helpful to have more information on their culture on family histories. Generational trauma is a real thing.

  5. Nickm (verified owner)

    Really helpful look at history and this important part of our community.

  6. Dezirae Justus (verified owner)

    This book was eye opening. It tells the courageous story of Mexican labor in the northwest.

  7. JulieAnne2 (verified owner)

    This book reminded me of when I first came to Southern Oregon in 1978 as many of the people mentioned were very active in the migrant lives then. It was a hard time for workers but rewarding at the same time!

  8. dechenaj (verified owner)

    Very interesting book on Oregon history.

  9. ashley.m.wortman (verified owner)

    This book was a really great insight into an often unknown, hidden, and dismissed community. It provides good information on the need to shift the definition and perspectives of community and all of those who tirelessly work to build communities, resources, and goods.

  10. Liliann Monsive (verified owner)


  11. mgvelasco (verified owner)

    ¡Fue un momento difícil para los trabajadores, pero gratificante al mismo tiempo!

  12. kelli.conraads (verified owner)

    Being relatively new to Oregon, this book was an interesting read into what shaped where we are today. It was a really helpful book explaining what I am seeing in my community.

  13. moriah (verified owner)

    Great book, anyone living in the PNW should read it.

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