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What Unites Us

Reflections on Patriotism

In a time of deep division and historic challenges to our democracy, Dan Rather offers a calming voice. He presents a collection of essays that help us look back on where we have been in order to see the potential for a path forward. The book inspires conversation and listening, a reminder that we are one nation after all.

Author: Dan Rather, Elliot Kirschner
Year of Publishing: 2019
Number of Pages: 304

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  1. staceyw (verified owner)

    This book is full of reflection on the many, many things that unite us as American’s, rather than divides us. I liked the flow of the book and I can almost hear Dan Rather speaking the words! While there are many issues facing us these days that can be divisive, it is nice to think that there are more ways that we are all working together for the greater good. It makes me hopeful for the future!

  2. tstevensgarcia (verified owner)

    This is a great book full of Dan Rather’s reflections. He focuses on commonalities of our citizenry as a way to combat the current political divisiveness our country is experiencing. I found it very inspiring.

  3. Bswade46 (verified owner)

    Excellent! We’ll written and thought provoking.

  4. allizon.hass (verified owner)

    Thought provoking reflection on a rich career of American journalism.

  5. kelli.conraads (verified owner)

    Nice to read about what unites us as citizens instead of what divides us. Well written with some interesting insights into America’s political landscape.

  6. arnoldlk (verified owner)

    This book is thought-provoking about what unites us when we often focus on what divides us. If you allow it, thus book will invite you into a conversation… Potentially with others who may or may not be like us.

  7. mhowes (verified owner)

    What Unites Us was a phenomenal book! Dan Rather is remarkable and the book was written in a very compassionate and understanding way. I learned a lot about our beautiful country and this book opened my eyes on ways I can contribute in a more patriotic way. Thank you!

  8. BStiller (verified owner)

    A great reflection from a reporter before social media. Dan Rather’s voice comes through each story, and I appreciate the short dedicated chapters. His vision to share What Unites Us with stories to remind us all of the common good is appreciated. This book has the potential to bring the US closer.

  9. Anika Miller (verified owner)

    As a rural engagement coordinator, I found Dan Rather’s “What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism” to be a profound exploration of American values. Rather’s reflections on patriotism, community, responsibility, and character align with my role in facilitating community events and making my organization more responsive to its surrounding community. His insights, drawn from decades of journalistic experience, offer an intimate view of history that is invaluable in my work. This book serves as a reminder of the principles that unite us as a nation and their importance in our communities. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially those working in community engagement.

  10. hswren (verified owner)

    Easy to read and full of information. Highly recommend.

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