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Start with Hello

(And Other Simple Ways to Live as Neighbors)

A beautifully written guide for becoming neighborly and building community through small acts in daily life. Author Shannan Martin shares relatable, easy steps to try where you live. The pages are filled with real life examples that will put a smile on your face and fill your heart with joy. Read this to become more authentically connected in meaningful ways to the people around you.

Author: Shannan Martin
Year of Publishing: 2021
Number of Pages: 224

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  1. sweety95838 (verified owner)

    it was very helpful and with detailed instructions along with shortcuts.

  2. nunnj (verified owner)

    Read this book in one day….so fun and engaging and filled with fun ways to encourage and equip you to take baby steps towards building friendship and community around you!

  3. Peighton Allen (verified owner)

    A well written guide for building community through small acts every day.

  4. sweety95838 (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this beautiful book to anyone who would like some encouragement and what it could look like to be a neighbor.

  5. mingomom (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this one and have to say, I am keeping it on my shelf. I typically pass my books on to friends or family members when I finish them but the exceptional ones I keep for either reference or rereads on a gloomy day. This one surpasses expectations and I would suggest anyone looking for ways to connect or make your work/personal/neighborhood networks grow, pick a copy of this book up.

  6. ashleyjohnsonbend (verified owner)

    Detailed, have used this with my patients needing exposure therapy.

  7. pauljohnsonbend (verified owner)

    Easy read, Easy lessons, Easy nudges to get started!

  8. julieethompson (verified owner)

    Loved it, it was full of lots of good ideas for small things you can do

  9. mcclendons4 (verified owner)

    Practical and easy ways to find the connections we desire from our neighbors, whether they be across the street or across our town. The author knows exactly where we fall short and addresses the reasons we are afraid to reach out. Great book!

  10. debbiews (verified owner)

    This is a quick and delightful read filled with suggestions on ways to build community starting with your neighbors.

  11. RobynW (verified owner)

    Written for a narrow audience, but has value for those specific readers. There’s a kind heart and good intentions at the center of the book.

  12. SChannell (verified owner)

    Helpful book for someone looking to connect with their neighbors.

  13. Kristine Kjarval (verified owner)

    Interesting read

  14. Kristine Kjarval (verified owner)

    Was curious how this author’s angle was going to be. I felt like I was being talked down to and assumed to be xenophobic …..fear of people from other countries (foreigner/stranger) “the other”. She questions the reader:
    1. Do you live in a place segregated by race. Do your neighbors look like you?
    2. Do they express faith as you do? Do they vote as you do?
    3. Have you ever invited someone of a different race or ethnicity into your home? Or a guest to theirs.
    4. Do you nurture relationships with those who qualify for government assistance? Those who fight addiction? People in the LGBTQ+ community? Disabled community? The sullen kid around the corner?
    I’m uncertain about who the author’s intended audience is because it comes off as a training manual for assumed social idiots.

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