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Taking Care of Your Child

A Parent’s Illustrated Guide to Complete Medical Care

For 30+ years, this go-to guide has helped millions of families keep their children healthy. It’s now updated with the most recent advances in health care. Look up a symptom to find an explanation of probable causes, how to treat the problem at home, and when to see a doctor.

Author: Robert Pantell
Year of Publishing: 2015
Number of Pages: 574

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  1. LRoundy (verified owner)

    This is an excellent guide to have in your home and use for reference. It covers many topics and is easy to navigate to ensure you find what information you need quickly.

  2. nitahalstead (verified owner)

    I wish I had had this book when my children were younger, as it simplifies the often-very-stressful process of determining what, I’d anything, can be done at home and when to sell professional medical help. This should be on the shelf of anyone with kids or, as in my case, grandkids. Thank you!!

  3. JoAnne Shorb (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful rejoice for parents and caregivers! Covers basics like colds, when children should be kept at home versus sent to school, basic first aid, bug bite treatments and more!

  4. Misty Sorte (verified owner)

    I got this book for a friend who just had her first baby. It is perfect, everything you need for a worried new mom or dad in once easy to reference place! Definitely recommend for any parent or caregiver.

  5. Rene Hendricks (verified owner)

    Great overview of topics and reference on the shelf. Passing this on to new parents as a resource for everyday and not-so-everyday curiosities.

  6. mslayter (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous tool that I wish I had when my children were young. I ordered for my daughter who has her first child and is nervous about so many things. When do I call the doc, is this normal, etc. Information is easy to find and the illustrations and flowcharts are so helpful!

  7. Lindsey Bosman (verified owner)

    This has been an amazing read and an excellent guide for me to have as we prepare to bring our first little one into the world. There are so many things in there I hadn’t even thought about, and knowing I have this tool has given me such peace of mind! I would recommend for any parent, but especially new parents! Easy to navigate and very informative!

  8. mingomom (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the plethora of information in this book! Although we do have Google at our hands, nothing beats having this as a resource or a reference to have in every home as a just in case. An invaluable source of information!

  9. Jwright89 (verified owner)

    A wonderful and easy to navigate book to have on the shelf! I have two, young children and wish I would have had this reference guide earlier.

  10. Patricia Dineen (verified owner)

    An amazing book that will carry me through motherhood with confidence!

  11. Momma M (verified owner)

    This book is very educational and teaches you a lot.

  12. veronica (verified owner)

    This a fantastic reference book for your home, especially if you have young kids.

  13. Candice (verified owner)

    So glad I got this book! Good book to have laying around the house especially if you have small children and aren’t sure whether or not they actually need to be seen by a doctor or not! Bunch of useful medical information right at your fingertips.

  14. Nathan Shay (verified owner)

    This book has been extremely helpful. It covers many different aspects of childhood development. Highly recommended.

  15. mdoran (verified owner)

    What a great book! This will be helpful for many years to come.

  16. Dena Burian Blacklaw (verified owner)

    The new mom is sp excited to read this

  17. carly29taylor (verified owner)

    Tons of helpful information! It’s great to have a place to go for accurate information rather than Dr Google

  18. Julie Scism (verified owner)

    Very helpful and detailed.

  19. cduarte (verified owner)

    Tons of helpful information, and very much a must have for parents

  20. Faith (verified owner)

    I really like having this on hand and I feel it is organized very well and easy to open to different sections.

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