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Talking to Strangers

What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know

The author presents a rich (and sometimes disturbing) collection of stories, coupled with research, to help readers understand how we interpret the actions of people we do not know. This book is an especially important read for those working to forge conversations and collaboration across differences in our state.

Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Year of Publishing: 2019
Number of Pages: 400

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  1. JK (verified owner)

    This was a great read that really highlights how common miscommunication is and how these misjudgments on our part can have sometimes devastating affects. It really makes you rethink all of your interactions and take into consideration if you could have been more understanding of someone in the past or should have stood up to some nefarious comment.

  2. Mel Murphy (verified owner)

    Slow but thought provoking

  3. tstevensgarcia (verified owner)

    Really interesting take on how and why misunderstandings occur between people.

  4. rawritsmonica (verified owner)

    This book changed my views on a lot of things about myself and about others. It taught me how to interpret things and to talk to strangers and not to have a bias based on the interactions.

  5. Sandy Moyer (verified owner)

    Excellent. I’ve always said, “Talk to strangers”.
    Gladwell writes great books.

  6. veronica (verified owner)

    I’m a huge fan of Malcolm Gladwell books and Talking to Strangers does not disappoint. I love his use of storytelling to make a point versus sounding academic and boring to rely concepts.

  7. BStiller (verified owner)

    This was a fascinating collection of data and stories on who we trust and why. Malcolm Gladwell points out our biases, the issues of group thinking and how to be better. I appreciate the author’s ability to shine a light on world problems through true stories. I hope that moving forward I will do better at giving the benefit of the doubt, but also thinking for myself as I move forward “Talking to Strangers”

  8. Nickm (verified owner)

    Gladwell is such an amazing writer. Wonderful book on understanding perspectives and thinking about miscommunication differently.

  9. Jennifer Lau (verified owner)

    The book provides lots of provoking moments to ponder and discuss in a group. Highly recommended for a book club selection.

  10. Jen (verified owner)

    Great read which thought provoking insights regarding the topic of trust.

  11. marclang (verified owner)

    I appreciated the general concept of this book. In this day and age, it’s imperative that we find a way to connect with others, especially those who are different from us. This book offers some solid points of consideration as we seek to do this.

  12. phauder (verified owner)

    Talking to Strangers was a typical Malcolm Gladwell book: it took a complex concept, and made a story (or stories) out of it. I enjoyed it as much as his previous works. It took me awhile to get the gist of the theme, but the story-telling was–as always–magnificent. I will add this book to my treasured collection of his work, and will for sure re-read it in the next few years!

  13. Catcat11 (verified owner)

    I loved this book because of the history lessons. It’s amazing how much we judge (or misjudge?) others from the outside. It’s changed the way I see and listen to people as well as how I ask questions to see what is really happening.

  14. Antaranie Humbert (verified owner)

    Very interesting!

  15. Umpqua Gal (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this book. I’m always skeptical of nonfiction, because it usually has a slant and some sort of bias. And although this one had a slight bias, it was still very interesting and that bias didn’t get in the way of the storytelling.

    It’s basically a bunch of historical short stories of how humans have judged other humans incorrectly, which each act as an example of how things aren’t always as they seem.

    A good reminder to never judge a book by its cover.

  16. Ashley Johnson (verified owner)

    Amazing, check out Oprah’s interview with the author as well.

  17. jmczech14 (verified owner)

    Gladwell uses stories to illustrate how our biases can lead us to the wrong impressions about others and their intentions. It was such a good read that my son picked it up and finished it in just 3 days.

  18. madelinefulkerson (verified owner)

    This was a really awesome read that provided me with opportunities for personal reflection and curiosities.

  19. Faith (verified owner)

    Really excited when I saw this book on here. Such a great read.

  20. Vy Le (verified owner)

    The book is different from what I expected. There’s history lessons in there that I was unaware of that is used as examples to help describe what is being discussed. It takes the fact that we as humans misunderstand each other often and assume a lot. We only know so much about the next person and we have a lot of opinions that are not always true or accurate but sometimes instead of getting to know someone and finding out the truth, we tend to run with our assumptions and this lead to misjudgment of others. People are not always as they seem on the surface but rarely do people get past that to see what’s underneath. The book takes this and shows how it has happened on multiple accounts throughout history and still very much apparent today.

  21. Ryanon Medeiros (verified owner)

    Loved the use of storytelling , great book!

  22. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Wonderful, insightful read about communication and how to best use it.

  23. htramnn (verified owner)

    I ordered the book back in beginning of Dec but still haven’t received it. It probably got lost somewhere.

  24. chochis (verified owner)

    Malcolm Gladwell is amazing. This book really helped me understand how much bias is present in our everyday communications and interactions. Great read.

  25. Liz2675 (verified owner)

    Good book with good reminders for best practices

  26. mdoran (verified owner)

    Malcom Gladwell is a master at writing. His books are always page-turners.

  27. Megansevall (verified owner)

    Very insightful book and relevant to social services roles.

  28. Kristyn Fix (verified owner)

    This was a thoughtful read that really highlights communication in the modern world. I shared this with a colleague and we plan to share it among our entire team to create shared language.

  29. cduarte (verified owner)

    Great read and very informative with thought provoking insights regarding the topic of trust and attachment

  30. Danielle Stolk (verified owner)

    Misunderstanding and miscommunication can have significant consequences. It is only through talking, and listening that we can overcome these. Talking to Strangers illuminates the challenges of communication as well as the opportunities.

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