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The Art of Gathering

How We Meet and Why It Matters

Author Priya Parker provides strategies for planning meaningful gatherings of all kinds. She offers insights into why some fill us up while others deplete us. Parker’s common-sense tools transfer readily to a variety of settings. A wonderful storyteller, Parker offers delightful ways to make all meetings more purposeful, inclusive and satisfying.

Author: Priya Parker
Year of Publishing: 2018
Number of Pages: 320

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  1. Renee’ Browne (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to finish this book! A must read for anyone who needs a little guidance on gathering with others.

  2. nonirose (verified owner)

    Parker talks about our gatherings as being lack of productivity. That we should focus on the people involved and not the routine of why we are all gathering.

    I had to skim quite a few pages because of the overuse of explanations just to get to the point she was trying to make. This may be useful for meetings and may be more formal gatherings, but not for casual. She seems to say to do what most already do in a more casual personal setting.

    I think she could’ve got her point across with half of the pages that were written. She does have some good points. Just seemed to be renting more with a authoritative view.

  3. sueone (verified owner)

    Good read. Helpful

  4. sueone (verified owner)

    Helpful and a good read.

  5. merrill0360 (verified owner)

    Great book. One piece I very much appreciate Priaya Parker’s pointing out was the author’s cautioning us from the reliance on making assumptions rather than actually “seeing” others. As noted, this is a basic formality but is too often overlooked from discussions on gathering.

  6. MCampos (verified owner)

    A good reminder to make gatherings more meaningful.

  7. MCampos (verified owner)

    Good book.

  8. breanna stoutenburgh (verified owner)

    This book speaks to the importance of having a purpose for your meeting every time. Making specific purposes for our meetings can change the participation and the outcomes dramatically. Some of our meetings have no set purpose and people’s most valuable commodity is time.

  9. MCampos (verified owner)

    Good book to read.

  10. Marieflores2989 (verified owner)

    I really needed this book because I’m fearful of large (or even small gatherings) depending on the people that come etc so this was a great book to give insight on the Importance of gatherings and how beneficial it is for us as humans on a fundamental level and also how we can utilize the time that we have.

  11. Sara Eberly (verified owner)

    I got this to help with leading groups and have become more thoughtful about many gatherings. Many of the ideas, particularly size, has made me think about the small business I work at in a different way and reframe some of the dynamics of our business gatherings.

  12. ashleyjohnsonbend (verified owner)

    Very important perspective for all readers.

  13. tammie (verified owner)

    This will help me so much with my new job! Thank you!

  14. kelli.conraads (verified owner)

    Great ideas to use in both professional and personal gatherings to get the most out of your and others’ time. May use pieces of this with different people in different situations.

  15. Shonna Edwards (verified owner)

    This beautiful book brings so much intention to when, how, where, and why we meet. Regardless of the gathering, if you are one to bring people together, this is a practical guide that will help you do it with more intentionality and heart.

  16. Blibertad (verified owner)

    Chose this book after listening to the author on the We Can do Hard Things podcast. Recommend!

  17. shandaceh (verified owner)

    Especially interesting in the age of Covid. So valuable for making time together meaningful and intentional.

  18. alyssakornbrath (verified owner)

    More for formal gatherings not as much for smaller casual gatherings

  19. Kate Budd (verified owner)

    Quick and worthwhile read. This book provided tangible ideas for both professional and personal group settings. I appreciated the many specific examples provided.

  20. KatiePlumb (verified owner)

    Beautifully written! Such an important read for those who facilitate gatherings and those who engage (or wish to).

  21. jswensen (verified owner)

    This book was incredible, very informative.

  22. Grace Anne Michel (verified owner)

    Amazing read! Found a lot of value in the perspectives explored and the re-framing of how and most importantly WHY we gather.

  23. Kala Branson (verified owner)

    This was a great book to use as both professional and personal development. It helped me to look at gathering in a group and holding trainings in a different lens.

  24. Jwright89 (verified owner)

    In a day where we are less connected than ever, this is an urgent must-read! We have to make real connections with each other.

  25. trikhoff (verified owner)


  26. Umpqua Gal (verified owner)

    Good reminder to figure out the purpose of getting together before putting together all of the details.

    The book was a little verbose, and could have been a little more condensed, in my opinion.

  27. meganlsamuelson (verified owner)

    Really wonderful book with lots of suggestions and things to think about when trying to create a meaningful gathering.

  28. RA Barry (verified owner)

    This was excellent! It helped me to rethink convening people, not just why, but how, physically. Parker offers the reader (and host) new tools to craft gatherings that are useful in a wide variety of ways.

  29. TayM (verified owner)

    An excellent read.

  30. Rachel Kittson–MaQatish (verified owner)

    I loved this book. Well written and thoughtful. Of use for all kinds of gatherings.

  31. Cecily Heiner (verified owner)

    This was an intriguing read by an author whose life is full of surprising contrasts- her parents came from vastly different cultures, and here she tries to outlines strategies for harmonizing the differences that are the inevitable result of people, especially strangers, from vastly different cultures coming together. The writing raises a number of classic questions- “What is home?” “What is the good life?” that are sufficiently open ended and relevant to provoke good discussion, and the supporting anecdotes contribute to this being a relatively fast read.

  32. RayM (verified owner)

    Super insightful reading that encourages us to pause and use a different lens to create something new and meaningful.

  33. AnnomousReader (verified owner)

    This book was insightful and the importance of being around people.

  34. Nickm (verified owner)

    Beautiful book about gathering – heard about this on a podcast. Didn’t disappoint.

  35. LizM (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful read. So many avenues to making your spaces welcoming and fruitful. I completely enjoyed this book and recommend it highly for anyone interested in creating inclusive productive gatherings and deepening community.

  36. Deanna Thrall (verified owner)

    Good Book! Make me think of things that I had not considered before.

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