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The Abacus Project

Three-book bundle: Math activity books for children and Goodnight Moon

Math skills at kindergarten entry can predict later success in school. The Abacus Project (two 12-page books for Ages Birth to 3 years, and 3 to 5 years) helps parents and caregivers find the math in everyday routines. The playful activities make learning fun.

BONUS: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown: In this classic children’s book, quiet poetry and gentle illustrations combine to make a perfect book for the end of the day. And it’s loaded with math words and ideas to talk about with little ones. Originally published 1947.

Author: The Ford Family Foundation
Year of Publishing: 2018

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  1. palomich91 (verified owner)

    Loved ideas on how to look for math in our everyday. Goodnight moon is a bedtime favorite!

  2. kstone22 (verified owner)

    We love reading Goodnight moon.

  3. Danellmb (verified owner)

    Good night moon: Wonderful story to read to your baby. The others will be great to use as the little one grows

  4. dcsc3 (verified owner)

    Great trio that have very useful information for new parents.

  5. mwalker15 (verified owner)

    Two books that show families ways to incorporate shapes, patterns, numbers etc. into daily life. Is in Spanish only, seems like maybe it should be paired with a kit? But I think you could substitute with household items. Also comes with Goodnight Moon which is a classic!

  6. Jackie Music (verified owner)

    Goodnight Moonis my favorite.

  7. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Really impressed with this set.

  8. Ruby Buchholtz (verified owner)

    Great resources for a parent! The books are easy to navigate and implement.

  9. Jaylene (verified owner)

    The Abacus Project provides great ideas for including math and math activities every day to help your little ones learn math. Goodnight Moon is a beloved favorite – great bonus!

  10. Katelyn Barry (verified owner)

    Very great way of breaking down every day math. Goodnight moon is such an amazing bedtime story. Great bundle.

  11. Amber Weathers (verified owner)

    I love the ideas of how to introduce math literacy in everyday life. Excited to share with my grandbaby!

  12. yesimajensen (verified owner)

    Goodnight Moon is a classic children’s bedtime story. It’s one of those stories you read over and over again. I love this book. It is a full size copy and has nice vibrant colors. The Abacus project wasn’t useful to me, but is a great little tool added to this bundle.

  13. Leah Hernandez (verified owner)

    Great kit! Loved that it came with a book plus 2 others with ideas/activities for your child to learn.

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