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Trauma Stewardship

An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others

A practical book that addresses compassion fatigue. The author, a trauma social worker and educator, helps others who work in the trauma field find balance and ways to sustain themselves. Readers are gently guided along a path of exploration, growth, hope and recovery.

Author: Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky
Year of Publishing: 2009
Number of Pages: 264

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  1. jenny.berg (verified owner)

    I checked out the audio book from my public library when I was struggling with feeling down about a job that normally fills me with excitement. Being able to recognize that I was being affected by the trauma of those I was serving was helpful. Recognizing the signs of my own trauma and the tools offered to manage that trauma, helped bring me out of my funk. Now I want to read and make notes in a paper copy so that I can return to certain sections in the future.

  2. AmyB (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful book for anyone who works in a field of caring for others. Learning to recognize the symptoms of compassion fatigue is the first step to learning (and using!) the tools you need to navigate your own ongoing trauma. 10/10 recommend.

  3. Taylor Fullerton (verified owner)

    What an insightful book for anyone working as “helpers”. I recently returned to working in a setting where trauma is discussed frequently and found the authors’ advice very helpful in managing to keep my own stuff in check to continue to do what I love.

  4. Nickm (verified owner)

    Amazing book for someone who works in the field of mental health, but relevant for anyone who needs to learn these important tools for self regulation. Extremely insightful!!

  5. Firechild94 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this book. It helped me to learn how to recognize what trauma was affecting me.

  6. Brandy Hess (verified owner)

    This is such a wonderful book! I work in Child Welfare and a lot of what this book talks about is so true! Compassion fatigue is something we all deal with.

  7. kltruong (verified owner)

    Great book, very insightful. Going into the healthcare field it is important to recognize compassion fatigue and have tools to help support you, whether it is your own trauma or secondary trauma.

  8. Marsha Hettman (verified owner)

    I gifted this book to my son as a tool for his work in crisis negotiation. This is such a wonderful book. Compassion fatigue is real, and this is an excellent read for folks working as helpers in crisis situations.

  9. Savanna Rilatos (verified owner)

    such a great book.

  10. Acleith (verified owner)

    With these kinds of books I find that it clicks with you…. or it doesn’t. Luckily, this one did. In my experience, when I’ve been taught to care for myself it was always in private… never about how to care for myself at work or in the community. This book is a nice reminder that no matter where you are… you simply cannot pour from an empty cup…. even at work or with others that you care for.

  11. moriah (verified owner)

    This book is soo good. Realizing the amount of secondary trauma that I’ve collected, and how to heal and have better boundaries. Highly recommend.

  12. Lance Chamberlain (verified owner)

    Fantastic read. Dr. Laura is an incredible author and human who understands trauma and care in ways that many of us don’t think about. Would definitely recommend this book, and any others by her!

  13. Angela Graves (verified owner)

    Wonderful book for the helpers in the community. I enjoy sharing this one with others.

  14. Araina Ault (verified owner)

    Loved this book. Truly helped my healing journey

  15. AutumnJungling (verified owner)

    As an educator that works with high trauma students I found this book to powerful. I found myself highlighting many of the quotes and as I have young children myself I know I will refer back to this book as the years go on and my own children age. This is not a one and done book but one to read over and over to fully soak in the knowledge.

  16. Heather Noble (verified owner)

    Very insightful on the impacts of trauma on people working in human services fields.

  17. Nathan Shay (verified owner)

    Wonderful book. Highly recommended for anyone who works in the mental health field or any type of support role.

  18. Adrienne Croskey (verified owner)

    Trauma Stewardship is a great book to understanding how frontline workers are affected by the trauma we hear on a daily basis. It also has chapters on how to build stronger walls and barriers when being a frontline worker who may be experiencing compassion fatigue or even our own depression and anxieties.

  19. Sarah Bright (verified owner)

    So helpful for my life.

  20. aparrott (verified owner)

    I’ve worked in Education for 12 years now. I’ve struggled with a love and passion for my work, but also burnout. This book is such a helpful tool with real applicable ideas and is well laid out with it’s blend of stories and strategies. I’m so grateful the author took the time to dive into the big topic of Trauma. Many of us really needed this to be exposed and given hope, which is what this book does!

  21. brookedjackson (verified owner)

    This was a really smart book and I love the focus on intentionality.

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