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The Inequality Machine

How College Divides Us

Paul Tough is the well-known author of How Children Succeed, a New York Times bestseller translated into more than twenty different languages. Tough has been researching the systems that serve American youth for years. In The Inequality Machine, he updates and rebrands an earlier publication, The Years that Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us, taking a hard look at the injustices of higher education in the United States. Through powerful storytelling, Tough explores classism in the American higher education system and the myth of meritocracy. The book is a compelling and moving read, providing windows into what works and what is painfully broken. Anyone working with high school or college students will want this book as part of their toolkit.

Author: Paul Tough
Year of Publishing: 2019
Number of Pages: 256

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  1. jsweetland (verified owner)

    Powerful read. Highly recommend.

  2. Craigmo (verified owner)

    Very readable, a great look on a big issue.

  3. kalika (verified owner)

    This was an eye opening book. It caused me to reflect on my own college experience and think forward as I help my kids plan for their upcoming opportunities. Well written and engaging, there is a lot of information and research, but told in ways that draw you into the stories.

  4. Danellmb (verified owner)

    Good book that helps adults talk with youth about college.

  5. Rene Hendricks (verified owner)

    Fascinating. Worth considering intent and impact of pedagogy

  6. kelli.conraads (verified owner)

    Good book, lots of points to think about if you frequently talk to your or other kids about college and after k-12 plans.

  7. cast3219 (verified owner)

    Great book. I work in education and this was a very powerful read!

  8. imelda (verified owner)

    Has really helped me rethink the idea of “education as the great equalizer”. I think there is a lot broken in our education system and I am seriously reconsidering the values previously of everyone going to college.

  9. millspjo (verified owner)

    Good compilation of data and review of outcomes pending ones starting point. While I disagree with some conclusions from data, it seems following the money-special interests gets one the answers of why we are where we are.

  10. AmyB (verified owner)

    An accessible, engaging read to provoke thought on our college system. It can be heavy to wade through at times, but worth it to reflect on what I thought I knew about our education systems.

  11. CV (verified owner)

    Easy read…inspirational in thinking differently about the issues raised in the book.

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