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Between the Listening and the Telling

How Stories Can Save Us

Mark Yaconelli is well known and much beloved in rural Oregon and Siskiyou circles for his powerful community storytelling events with The Hearth, based in Southern Oregon. He distills his learnings and experiences and beautifully weaves them with story in his latest book Between the Listening and the Telling. This work explores story as a connector of hearts, people, groups and communities. Many books “tell”, some “show,” and precious few actually lead to transformation. This one does all three. Mark invites vulnerability by being vulnerable, courage by being courageous, tears by revealing heartfelt truths, and laughter by being very funny. Beautiful, inspiring, timely.

Author: Mark Yaconelli
Year of Publishing: 2022
Number of Pages: 206

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  1. Shug (verified owner)

    This book was made me feel that everyone story has a to tell and might have meaning and sometimes needs to be told.

  2. kasandra lopez (verified owner)

    This book was amazing. Couldn’t put it down.

  3. christinalynnhead (verified owner)

    This book was a great reminder that taking the time to look at things in a different point of view can help our own perspective in life. I enjoyed this book!

  4. Time2read (verified owner)

    I enjoyed thinking about the stories we tell each other, the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we have been told. And more importantly, that our untold stories never go away and are held within our soul. Wonderful read!

  5. mandeeseeley (verified owner)

    I got this book in preparation for the author speaking in my community. Not only was the book fantastic, but his presentation was as well. I’m a writer, so I really appreciated the importance placed on storytelling. The most powerful story in the book is about the fawn adventure the author and his daughter go on. Storytelling is our past, present, and future; this book perfectly illustrates why.

  6. BStiller (verified owner)

    Mark Yoconelli is a master story teller and historian. He has created a book and an organization to move us all towards honoring our stories and the stories of others. I highly recommend this book.

  7. CoachNicole (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this book! I have shared passages with clients and in groups I facilitate. It invites us to open ourselves and our stories as the path to connection, community, and transformation.

  8. pauljohnsonbend (verified owner)

    Such an important read for EVERYONE!

  9. Amanda Blakely (verified owner)

    This book is an amazing read, it was hard to tear myself away from it. A must read 💜

  10. Eight (verified owner)

    Powerful read. Excellent writing. If you dog ear pages, this read will be full of those.

  11. Michelle Hankes (verified owner)

    Stories are so important in communicating and understanding where we’re coming from as well as going to. I would encourage everyone to read this book.

  12. Kristine Kjarval (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this book immensely. Shows the real value of sharing family history to children/grandkids etc. Not only do you relive those times but they will experience it again ‘with you.’. They will carry your stories as well. Not remembered in linear fashion but rather as a landscape of beautiful moments and traject ones too Excellent book

  13. Kristine Kjarval (verified owner)

    The author reminded me that people have to talk through their life experiences. The wonderful stories but especially the tramatic ones. Also know as Talk Therapy or Dialogue Therapy etc. It helps make sense, sort out the mishmash. When talking to another person they aren’t going through their experiences alone but with someone else alongside them. I enjoyed it immensely but, the author was mainly just sharing his liberal views from “white male privalige” to issues regarding illegals overtaking our southern border, which I found extremely irritating. The author is using this book to recruit the readers into this liberal way of thinking. There’s an obvious political agenda. Didn’t like the book because of that fact

  14. LauraHillHicks (verified owner)

    Great Book! So good to remember to actually listen and proces.

  15. kelli.conraads (verified owner)

    Easy to read and follow. Perfect way to use powerful personal stories to get the reader to think about other opinions and the way that other people live, think, and act.

  16. trikhoff (verified owner)

    The book was great.

  17. Amy Wootton (verified owner)

    Working in grief and loss; storytelling is imperative and powerful. I think often we are told we overshare or other things that take away from the power of a story. This was a great read and will be highly suggested!

  18. Ashley Christman (verified owner)

    This really opened my eyes to the power behind people telling their stories. Story telling is one of the most effect of ways to really getting to know someone. I have used the information that I learned from this book in my day to day life as an advocate.

  19. Anne Bernard (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this book tremendously. I work with children and museums. This book underscores the value of storytelling, of memory and history. I hope that as we emerge from the pandemic we can change museums so that they foster more storytelling, more community and a better world.

  20. Carol Lauritzen (verified owner)

    The interaction between how stories can change a life and the way to achieve this effect makes for compelling reading.

  21. Jessica Evans (verified owner)

    This book was very helpful for learning and for career development

  22. Crystal sisson (verified owner)

    Finished over half of the book the first time opening it ! A very eye opening piece ,definitely recommend .

  23. SLacer (verified owner)

    Raised the importance of storytelling in connecting our communities, and the value of being vulnerable. Inspired me to ask for stories from others, and be willing to share my own.

  24. kmills (verified owner)

    This book is a must read for anyone working as a Traditional Healthworker that utilizes their lived experience in their work. Being able to wield your story as a healing tool is so therapeutic and vice versa! Between the Listening and the Telling felt like someone finally put into words how peer support works and why it works! This will definitely go on my reread list!

  25. julieethompson (verified owner)

    great book! I really liked it. Engaging

  26. kalika (verified owner)

    Fantastic book! It was easy to read with the stories woven throughout. There was a balance of humor and depth. I found it hopeful and inspiring.

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