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The Bill of Obligations

The Ten Habits of Good Citizens

The United States is the oldest representative democracy in the world. Do we take for granted that it will continue to endure? In Bill of Obligations, author Richard Haass shares his concern that the greatest threat to our democracy may not come from other countries or climate change. It may be us. If the great American experiment is to continue, then we as citizens will need to make some commitments to each other – obligations that complement our rights. From viewing compromise as a “win” rather than a “loss” to putting the country’s stability and future above our personal opinions, the author clearly articulates what we need to do as engaged citizens. He reminds us that our nation was founded on the ability to disagree with civility, mutual respect and a shared love for the democracy we hold dear, as imperfect as it may be. As an experienced civil servant who served under four presidents, both Republican and Democrat, his message is much needed in our times. This is a short and provocative must-read for one and all.

Author: Richard Haass
Year of Publishing: 2023
Number of Pages: 240

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  1. Rene Hendricks (verified owner)

    Still eagerly awaiting arrival

  2. mingomom (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed reading this book. I find titles like this one fascinating and inspiring as we could all benefit from reading a book such as this. This book pushes you to think deep and be a better version of oneself.

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