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The Deepest Well

Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity

This book looks at how childhood stress can lead to lifelong health problems and what we can do about it. The author delivers both scientific insight, including the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study, and moving stories. She pulls material from research labs and her own pediatric practice to describe the problem and inspire change. Be sure to check out her TED Talk.

Author: Nadine Burke Harris M.D.
Year of Publishing: 2018
Number of Pages: 251

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  1. Frances (verified owner)

    Dr. Harris reviews, in depth, the research (hers and others’) on ACES and the physical and emotional harms they can cause, as well as the mechanisms in the body that create them. She describes the effects of toxic stress in her own life and in other case studies; and proposes approaches for medical professionals and carers as well as lifestyle changes for those affected to help ameliorate these harms. A difficult subject, handled thoroughly in a manner that may lead towards changes in our children’s and our own quality of life.

  2. moriah (verified owner)

    My therapist recommended this book. So far I’ve cried on page one

  3. remarcr (verified owner)

    I think this book by Dr Harris is very thorough and gives much insight into potential effects of childhood adversity and trauma I’m learning so much.

  4. michlindawright92 (verified owner)

    Really gives you insight on experiences in your own childhood and how it effects you now. Great read

  5. Cassey Moran (verified owner)

    Amazing insight into the effects of ACES. Go watch her ted talk!

  6. Giselle Naranjo-Nelson (verified owner)

    Great book to get insights to why childhood traumas impact our overall health outcomes.

  7. Dezirae Justus (verified owner)

    This was a wonderful read full of lots of good information. I enjoy how it was written, it was an easy read!

  8. MarissaJean (verified owner)

    The deepest well has increased my knowledge of Aces. This book opened my eyes and heart to how much our childhood experiences impact our daily lives and health.

  9. Monica Phillipo (verified owner)

    Great book, Dr. Nadine Harris does an amazing job explaining and going into depth about the ACE’s and the impact that the invents can have on an individual. I would suggest it to anyone new to the social work or therapy field. I was surprised with how easy the book was to follow along and how much it actually sucks you in. It is more of an informative book than a self healing book so the title is a little misleading but still really good!

  10. Monica Phillipo (verified owner)

    This book does a great job explaining the ACE’s and the impact that the situations can have on an individual. I would suggest this book to anyone starting out in the social work / counseling field.

  11. Sarah Bright (verified owner)

    Love this book. Opened my eyes to a lot of things in my past.

  12. Sage Halvorson (verified owner)

    This was an interesting book to read.

  13. arnoldlk (verified owner)

    If you want to learn more about ACEs, this book is a good place to start!

  14. Firechild94 (verified owner)

    Great book

  15. Kayla De Veux (verified owner)

    Such a good and educational book!

  16. Ravin Lopez (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this book, everyone should learn more about ACES

  17. pauljohnsonbend (verified owner)

    A must have resource for clinicians.

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