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Get Together

How to Build a Community With Your People

Get Together walks the reader through simple, actionable steps on how to build community with people — not just for them. The authors share authentic community building stories from real communities facing classic community building challenges. Each chapter reflects on the lessons they have learned through community building work.

Author: Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh, Kai Elmer Sotto
Year of Publishing: 2019
Number of Pages: 192

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  1. biodrbuo (verified owner)

    First of all, this book is really beautiful. I love the color scheme! Beyond that, it is an accessible read that gives strategies to build community with lots of existing examples. My favorite quote is:
    “The people who care are more powerful than the people who don’t. They alone will help you build a community from scratch.”

  2. Hilary Mankofsky (verified owner)

    Very readable and easy to digest book about community building. More for a beginner than for a seasoned expert. The main idea talks about working with people not for them, inspiring leaders to become involved in the process.

  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I found myself captured by the storytelling used in this book. You can really tell the passion and heart that went into the author’s work. This book inspired a lot of hope and trust in the process of centering community. Solidarity, not charity.

  4. srutz (verified owner)

    Get Together provides an in depth and comprehensive structure to the ins and outs of building community. Not only is it a well written piece that gives readers examples of successful community building, but also provides thought provoking questions for our own quests in sharing space with others. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to understand and create groups of belonging.

  5. SASSDirector (verified owner)

    This book is beautiful! The storytelling makes it a fast read, but you’ll want to linger on the pages just because of the lovely design features.

  6. Anne Bernard (verified owner)

    This book was bery helpful with step by step directions and worksheets to develop communities.

  7. Shonna Edwards (verified owner)

    I am passionate about using community to help create connection and help people on their holistic journey to health. This book has case studies, practical applications, great reminders, and thoughtful insight for both those new to creating a community and those seasoned at group work. This a powerful resource for those looking to foster belonging and who benefit from thought-provoking questions to figure out how you can be a part of the solution.

  8. TayM (verified owner)

    A great read!

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