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The New Jim Crow

Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

This well-researched history of modern mass incarceration in the United States has become a classic in the racial justice literature. The author’s background as a legal scholar contributes to the delivery of a profound and often disturbing account of the U.S. criminal justice system’s role in damaging our country’s communities of color. For those who want to become more informed about the complexity of race issues in America, this book provides an invaluable account of the challenges before us.

Author: Michelle Alexander
Year of Publishing: 2012
Number of Pages: 336

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  1. nunnj (verified owner)

    Wow….Eye opening read about the racial caste in America. Definitely recommend!

  2. MCampos (verified owner)

    Insightful. An opportunity to questions systematic racism in our country.

  3. Moss Mahler (verified owner)

    just received this in the mail, so will use this review to rave about Select Books! beyond amazing for them to offer free knowledge about inmportant stuff! i love all the offerings on here .. i have so much deep gratitude that i can educate myself in ways that can turn into better ways for me to participate as an American! xo

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    First, I love select books & providing knowledge for free!
    Second, the book is powerful & has opened my eyes to the hidden systems of discrimination that I didn’t know existed as a white bodied person.

  5. ChristinaC (verified owner)

    Our book club read this book. I am so glad we did! I might not have picked up this book otherwise. Such important information.

  6. Ashley Johnson (verified owner)

    A must read for anyone in public service!!

  7. dechenaj (verified owner)

    Sadly stunning information.

  8. louiebrown (verified owner)


  9. SASSDirector (verified owner)

    Arguably one of the most important interventions into the discourse about racism in the US. Everyone should read this.

  10. Kimberly Nickel (verified owner)

    Truly eye opening. This book explores the harsh reality of continued racist practices within our legal system. The statistics Michelle Alexander provided to support this show the true negative impact of the war on drugs on the African America community.

  11. CV (verified owner)

    Eye-opening & insightful around systemic issues overall

  12. TayM (verified owner)

    An eye opening and insightful book.

  13. mhowes (verified owner)

    I applaud the Ford Family Foundation for offering free books that open our eyes. This book was very hard for me to read. It’s painful to read about how slavery and the caste system in this country continues to exist. Human beings are not defined by the color of their skin! My heart aches for people who continue being treated as less than human due to their skin color.

  14. SMohler (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone!

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